Dr. Dan Rawsthorne, PhD

With more than 27 years in software, Dr. Dan Rawsthorne possesses deep experience working in diverse sectors and in various professional capacities. As one of Danube’s Certified Scrum Trainers and a member of its ScrumCORE™ team, he conducts dozens of public training courses each year, provides on-site, private coaching, and speaks regularly in an effort to help organizations enact organizational change through Scrum. He has worked with clients large and small, in such industries as retail, e-commerce, air traffic control systems, and aircraft avionics.

According to Rawsthorne, his combined experiences as a mathematician and retired reserve officer guide his approach to Scrum transformation. His formal training in mathematics has led him to uncover underlying organizational problems rather than focus on superficial symptoms, while his military background has taught him the value of teamwork and personal empowerment.

While Rawsthorne’s chief aim is to facilitate successful software projects through agile techniques and Scrum in particular, his specific interests include requirements management (identifying and articulating what the user needs the team to produce); validation/testing (demonstrating that requirements were met); release planning and monitoring (creating and managing an actionable development plan); and Scrum in large organizations.

His interest in those last two topics led him to explore the role of metrics within agile development and, in particular, how the combination of Earned Value (EV) and Earned Business Value (EBV) can provide a comprehensive view of a release’s progress. He has delivered presentations on this subject at a number of conferences and it is one of the central topics of his book — tentatively titled Advanced Topics in Scrum — which he hopes to finish this year. In addition to agile metrics, Advanced Topics will include Rawsthorne’s commentary on agile analysis, release planning, and storyotypes.

Before joining Danube, Rawsthorne spent nearly a decade working as an expert focused on agility, use cases, and object-oriented technologies for such companies as Net Objectives, AccessVia, and Iconix and as an independent contractor. Prior to that, he held nearly every available position in software, including coder, systems analyst, business analyst, architect, team leader, project manager, QA director, Engineering Director, and more. As such, he has extensive experience using various tools and techniques, including RUP, Rational Rose™, OPEN, XP, Scrum, UML, and others.

Rawsthorne’s career in software began in the U.S. Army, where he served as an active duty Military Intelligence Officer for six years. As a technologist, he quickly accumulated unique experience, from applying artificial intelligence to computer security to developing and deploying sophisticated battlefield management systems during the Persian Gulf War. He is currently a retired Lieutenant Colonel.

Rawsthorne received his PhD in mathematics from the University of Illinois. Today, he lives in Federal Way, Wash. with his wife, Grace, and daughter, Catherine. His son, Derek, is currently serving in the U.S. Army. When he’s not working with clients to resolve the challenges of software development transformation, he enjoys bowling with his daughter. For more of his thoughts on Scrum, visit his blog at http://www.danube.com/blog/danrawsthorne

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