ScrumWorks Webinars

To help ScrumWorks Pro users maximize the product's many features and better manage the development lifecycle, the ScrumWorks Pro team holds regularly scheduled "live" Webinars. Created as an educational resource for our users and potential customers, each Webinar is hosted by one of the product's managers and addresses a wide variety of relevant topics.

ScrumWorks Pro Webinar Schedule

If you are unable to participate in one of the live Webinars, please watch a recorded webinar in .wmv format:
Helsinki, Finland Public Course
"The discussions were highly valuable. Completing a project in practice was a good idea. Dan is an excellent talker. I don't regret spending two days of my Holiday here."
CSM Public Course Vancouver, BC
"Highly engaging and interesting. A very enjoyable and beneficial session (describing Dan Rawsthorne)"
-M. Goodine
Vancouver, BC Public CSM Course (December 2007)
"Great Course. Very effective for learning about the process."
Redwood City, CA Public CSM Course (Nov 2007)
"Very interactive and hands on training. Michael James was one of the best trainers I have ever been trained by. I was engaged almost the entire time."
CSM Public course, Copenhagen Denmark
"I participated in the ScrumMaster Certification course in Copenhagen this week and, from the second Michael James opened his mouth and welcomed everyone, we were completely drawn into this amazing world of learning, participating, and debating. As a systems developer for a minor Danish Internet Service Provider, I've taken quite a few courses in the past five years, but I have to say that no other teacher, tutor, or mentor has even gotten close to Michael James' skills in communication! I'm sure that working with Agile development and using Scrum for years has had its effect on him. If not, there has to be some “Rainman” in him. His expertise in using timeboxes is absolutely breathtaking and, on more than one occasion, after a brief detour to another relevant issue, his little timer beeped only seconds later after asking if we had any questions. Even after having spent up to 10 minutes on a trainee's question without checking the timer, this was the case! As a trainee at his course, you cannot help finishing the two days with a feeling that you've achieved something very unique, but I'm not sure if it's the theories and Scrum exercises or Michael James' skilled way of tutoring/training. "