Agile Transformation Strategy
By Angela Druckman

Over the course of several years, working onsite with a large cross-section of industries and organizations, the CollabNet Agile Coaches have observed patterns and key milestones in the way organizations adopt and scale Agile. “Agile Transformation Strategy”, written by Angela Druckman, CollabNet Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Transformational Coach, outlines a sound strategy and transformational “blueprint” to help guide your organization on its path to Agility.

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Monitoring Scrum Project with AgileEVM and Earned Business Value (EBV) Metrics
By Dr. Dan Rawsthorne, PhD

One of the most jarring aspects of Scrum for traditional project managers is the way it eliminates many of the metrics and reports used commonly used in waterfall and other traditional management practices. Rawsthorne offers two metrics as agile-specific alternatives.

Macro Measurements
By Michael James

In his examination of macro measurements, James considers how an empirical approach to project management can foster accurate forecasting and timely project completion.

Technical Debt and Design Death
By Kane Mar and Michael James

This discussion of technical debt and design death considers how they occur, what the consequences are for development organizations, and what steps teams can take to prevent technical debt from accruing.

Calculating Earned Business Value for an Agile Project
By Dr. Dan Rawsthorne, PhD

Rawsthorne looks at the agile metric known as “Earned Business Value” (EBV) and how it can help organizations identify the appropriate time to release a product.

Impediments to Enterprise Agile
By Kane Mar

A continuation of the ideas introduced in “Enterprise Strategy for Introducing Agile,” Mar turns to the challenges organizations most commonly face when introducing agile or Scrum at the enterprise.

Enterprise Strategy for Introducing Agile
By Kane Mar

When organizations first attempt to implement agile or Scrum, they quickly find they’re unsure where to begin. Mar discusses many best practices for initiating pilot Scrum teams at the enterprise.

Introduction to Agile Software Development
By Victor Szalvay

An excellent primer for those new to Scrum and agile. Szalvay discusses agile’s origins, its basic concepts, and how it has revolutionized the way software is developed.